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Senior Executive - Student Organisations

Taylor's University Sdn Bhd



The Senior Executive, Student Engagement and Leadership (Student Leadership) is responsible in overseeing the student leadership bodies in Taylor’s which is the Taylor’s College Student Council, Taylor’s University Student Council and Postgraduate Student Council. In addition, he / she will be the Advisor to Clubs and Societies in Taylor’s overseeing their growth, development, and administration processes.


He/She is responsible in creating, developing, and championing university wide initiatives focusing on student leadership, emotional intelligence and life skills through events, competition, workshops, campaigns, fundraisers, and partnerships with internal departments, corporates, government and non-government linked organisations that would add value to the student community.


He/She will be the official Advisor to Taylor’s Student Councils where he/she will coach, guide and develop students to be the official channel between Management and students focusing on campus welfare, campus integration and campus relations. The Senior Executive will also be responsible in ensuring that Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College is represented in all internal and external events, especially events organised by the Ministry of Higher Education and other government related agencies. He/She will also be responsible in preparing students for vital meetings between Management and Student Council, managing stakeholders such as the Faculty Academic Leadership and preparing Student Councils for all internal and external audits.  


Additionally he/she will be immersed in the Taylor’s clubs and societies where he/she will train, guide, coach and support them in championing their university / college wide initiatives through events, fundraisers and workshops. These initiatives and projects related to his/her role, are geared to help students explore their potential and develop their skills and produce more employable graduates focusing on the Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities (TGCs).


The Senior Executive will also be responsible in collaborating and contributing to Student Development’s key initiatives such as Orientation, SHINE Award Programme and other initiatives which aligns to the Institutional priorities.


AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                  


  1. Advisor to Taylor’s Student Councils
  • The appointed Advisor of Taylor’s College/University Student Council and Postgraduate Student Council at Taylor’s. Ensure the Student Council Constitution are adhered to and complied by the Councils.
  • Plan and oversee the Student Council Elections to ensure continuity of Councils in accordance to the Student Council Constitution.
  • Empower Taylor’s College/Taylor’s University Student Council in being the face of student run activities and events happening in Taylor’s.
  • Guide, support and inspire Councils to initiate, implement and execute university wide events based on their deliverables and cause according to university policies and regulations.
  • Coach and guide student leaders in student organisations to fulfil their roles, responsibilities and term through leadership developmental workshops and other key related area that requires guidance and support of the advisor.
  • Ensure prominence of campus integration, relations and student welfare through, events and competitions within/outside the university.
  • Ensure participation from Taylor’s College / Taylor’s University Student Council in representing Taylor’s in any external events, workshops, and competitions, conferences which are both government and non-government linked.
  • Establish a clear direction and objective for the students organisations under his/her care.
  • Liaise with various departments within the university to increase prominence and support for cultural clubs including the international clubs.


  1. Plan, Organise, Coordinate and Implement training, workshops and student activities to support the development of the Student Leaders.
  • Initiate training and development workshops based on a Training Needs Analysis for Student Leaders. 
  • Provide the right coaching and training to students to excel in their leadership abilities.
  • Organise and support leadership, character building, personal development and cultural based workshops that will provide students with the skills to realise their own visions for the year.
  • Develop content and facilitate training and workshops relevant to the development of student leaders.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the trainings/modules and improve continuously. Review training/teaching materials for continuous quality improvement.
  • Assist in administrative tasks such as preparing budget requirements for organizing and implementing students retreats, activities and events; regularly monitor the expenditures of these events and provide periodical reports to Management on efficiency, effectiveness and the number of activities with the total number of participation from members/communities organised and any other reports required.
  • Ensure, through supervision, that all activities organised adhere to established policies, procedures, rules and regulations related to the university student activities and affairs.
  • Ensure that sufficient publicity in the form of pre-event and post event communication on the club activities are well communication through all Taylor’s University student and staff portals.


  1. Clubs and Societies Management
  • Assist in the development, planning and delivery of the student leaders structured development plan. This covers areas like the budget planning, availability of logistics, preparation of the student leaders and their goals for the year, scheduling of events, relevancy of material and fluidity of information dissemination.
  • Ensure all clubs and societies tracking is up to date. This includes proposals, proposed annual plan, budget, financial reports, evaluation reports and post release to accompany the completion of the event.
  • Monitor and ensure that the monthly tracking system for department wide engagement and events are up to date.
  • Ensure that all information, files, records and reports are prepared for audit purposes.
  • Promote collaboration within and outside the university.
  • Develop an annual events calendar to ensure clubs and society events has visibility.
  • Develop multimedia resources to support Student Leaders and their initiatives especially in promoting their visibility and events.
  • Ensure critical information for students is disseminated via all communication platforms.  
  • Develop and continuously enhance the SOP of running a successful student organisation.
  • Run leadership related conferences and workshops for student leaders based on identified gap analysis.
  • Ensure the continuous enhancements of systems and processes that promote student engagement and vibrancy.
  • Work with Taylor’s SFFT to secure after hours classroom bookings and manage bookings via google calendar.
  • Ensure clubs and societies support orientation week and other key university initiatives.
  • Lead the Student Development Awards Ceremony including the compilation and printing of relevant certificates and preparation of awards. 
  • Ensure all clubs and societies related events adhere to the SHINE Award requirements.
  1. Establish networks with external parties (organisations, trainers, coaches, facilitators, causes) who can add knowledge and experience to the Student Leaders (empowerment / experiential opportunities)
  • Approach, network and collaborate with external parties who are able to add value to the student leaders in terms of training and development opportunities
  • Expose students to experiential opportunities through potential partners and opportunities that will give them real-life experiences.
  • Create opportunities for students to engage with external stakeholder or be part of a bigger cause/project/competition/event


5. Other tasks and responsibilities

  • Undertake any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the immediate superior.





Degree in Psychology/Education/Business Management and/or any related discipline or equivalent



At least 5 years of working experience, preferably in an educational institution with involvement in clubs and societies management, coaching/mentoring, workshop facilitation, and student advising.




  • Knowledge of personal development, team development and emotional intelligence components
  • Deep understanding of youths of today
  • Results oriented – knowledge and skills of workshop training / facilitation; attentive to details and ensures quality of work is high.
  • Multi-skilled – possesses good planning and organizing skills; able to coordinate project and manage events.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills – able to identify and respond to problems appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Able to develop workshops and modules according to the needs of programme.
  • Able to analyse and interpret the needs of students and offer appropriate solutions.
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to communicate with students, and liaise with people in all positions.
  • Handles general tasks independently and able to work well in a team – flexible and adaptable when collaborating on projects.
  • Able to maintain records systematically in a way that is accessible to others.
  • Have competent IT skills– knowledge and skills in using computer software, e.g. Microsoft software applications
  • Have Beginners or Intermediate skills in Wordpress Management, Videography, poster designing and social media management
  • Have strong networking skills
  • Highly adaptable and able to work in a highly fast-paced environment
  • Patient and Nurturing especially while dealing with students
  • Passionate and want to make a difference in the community
  • Knowledgeable in current issues, political changes and global impact
  • Able to empower students to develop the necessary skills needed to make them for employable through their involvement in clubs and societies


Competencies (Behavioural)


  • Has a strong sense of life purpose and clear personal mission statement
  • Goal and purpose driven
  • Value driven and principle centric
  • Passionate, confident and highly self-aware
  • Punctuality
  • A key team player with strong interest in both indoor and outdoor events / activities
  • Cheerful, energetic and shows enthusiasm
  • Trustworthy and has a good sense of accountability and responsibility
  • Has good working attitude
  • Pro-active, mature and resourceful
  • Flexible, adaptable and skilful in acquiring knowledge and skills to complete a task

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