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Taylor's International School (Puchong) Sdn Bhd

Job Description


Taylor’s International School, Puchong (TISPC) is the second campus for Taylor’s International Schools (TIS) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Taylor’s International Schools (TIS) are part of the Taylor’s Education Group. TIS offers a global learning experience based on the highly valued National Curriculum for England.


The TIS brand has a clear ethos by which all schools will deliver holistic education that provides a solid grounding in raising the academic achievement of all students through inquiry processes and active learning. These schools are termed neighbourhood International Curriculum schools, as they offer the “best of east and west” – western curriculum with eastern values, by offering an international education with character building to mainly Malaysian students.


We are seeking a dynamic experienced Principal who can lead the school in delivering high quality education in achieving its purpose, mission and business goals.


Key Responsibilities as a Principal


  • Work with the President of Taylor’s Schools and Principal of TIS Kuala Lumpur on the Strategic Planning and Development of the school to ensure innovation in educational opportunity in support of the priorities of Taylor’s Schools.

  • Leadership of the Heads of Schools and all staff.

  • Recruitment of school staff, implementing performance monitoring systems and ensuring performance development programs meet the needs of the School and its staff.

  • Promotion of innovation and personalized learning at all levels of the School so as to consistently achieve high academic standards.

  • Ensuring that programs in the School are aimed at developing each child towards achieving the best student outcomes and that character building is embedded in all School operation/activities.

  • Ensure smooth and efficient operation and development of the School and its facilities

  • Understand how to blend the “best of east and west” to create a distinctive positioning for the school

  • Drive the marketing and admissions process of the school with passion and a focus on quality that grows the number of students

  • Collaborate and build high performing teams, and be able to inspire, motivate and develop sustainable relationships with all members of the school community

  • Demonstrate a flair for attracting, retaining and developing talent

  • Manage financial budgets with astuteness and engage and contribute successfully to the wider organisation

  • Engage with students, teachers, parents and community leaders in a manner that is open, inclusive and conveys the values of the organisation and school


Person Specification


Job Requirements

  • Minimum 15 years’ of relevant work experience with at least 8 years’ experience as a school leader preferably in a medium to large international school at the Principal/ Headteacher level

  • Strong academic credentials including, but not limited to, knowledge of curriculum, instructional practice, student learning styles, innovative educational practices and student assessment.


Applicants should demonstrate

  • Strong academic leadership skills and a deep commitment to improve academic and pastoral quality.

  • Ability to create and communicate a clear and compelling view for the future of the school.

  • Strong collaborative management style, and ability to develop and participate effectively in teams.

  • Evidence of positive personal contributions to the school ethos

  • Excellent communication skills - both verbally and written that embrace diplomacy and respect.

  • A willingness to positively engage with the parent body and local community in promoting the school and encouraging critical friendship.

  • Personal resilience and the ability to engender the best in others through understanding

  • A global perspective / internationally minded

  • Passion and energy when working with others

  • Awareness of the challenges facing a private International school in an increasingly competitive market.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Measurable 

  • Enrolment of students in school and optimum utilisation of school facilities. 

  • Customer satisfaction with the delivery of education offered. 

  • Achievement of profit and revenue targets. 

  • Meeting the quality and performance standards set for schools.

  • Staff satisfaction and morale.


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