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Part Time Life Skills Facilitator

Posted on:  05-Jun-2022
Job Req ID:  1198
Division:  Higher Education (HE)
Department:  Student Development (40000320)

The Life Skills Facilitator takes an active role in effectively delivering and facilitating impactful Life Skills modules as per the University’s standards of excellence.  He / She is required to be energetic, engaging, creative and is comfortable in sharing personal and corporate life experiences to students while facilitating the classroom. 

  • Lead the initiation and implementation of new teaching and learning initiatives through experiential learning and flipped classroom, and ensure modules are executed according to the prescribed learning outcomes with clear establishment of objectives. 
  • Facilitate learning in a non-traditional manner with the goal of nurturing and developing self-learning and self- reflecting students.
  • Constantly evaluate and appraise their own teaching methods and ensure lessons are comprehensible to students while ensuring the quality of teaching. 
  • Maintains comprehensive, accurate and thorough documentation on key administrative issues pertaining to the modules taught i.e. students’ attendance, grading etc. 
  • Coach and counsel students in the areas of life skills and emotional well-being, in and outside of the classroom as and when needed.  


  • Degree in Psychology / Education / Communications / Business / Coaching or related discipline. (Masters in the said Degree / Certification in Coaching is also preferable)
  • At least five (5) years of training / teaching  experience preferably with a broad range of academic / student development functions in an educational institution or experiences in personal development training, learning and development.  


  • Knowledge of personal development and team development components 
  • Licensed tools for training and coaching or other equivalent areas
  • Generation Y and Millennial Generation understanding 
  • In-depth understanding of personality assessments, SMART Goals, emotional intelligence, mindfulness  and ways to develop critical thinking skills
  • Effective and energetic coaching / facilitation skills
  • Strong communication skills (including listening), good English proficiency and excellent writing skills. 
  • Technology savvy


  • Passionate for learning and the learners. Is a lifelong leaner and practitioner of life skills
  • Strong and energetic facilitation skills – have good stage presence, energy and are able to inspire and motivate learners to remain engaged.
  • Positive coaching skills – able through effective questionings to help students discover an answer / solutions for themselves. 
  • Results oriented – attention to detail and ensures quality of work is high and consistent.  
  • Multi-skilled – possesses good planning and organizing skills; able to coordinate project and manage events.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills – able to identify and respond to problems appropriately and in a timely manner.

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