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Manager - Student Engagement & Leadership

Taylor's University Sdn Bhd



The Manager, Student Engagement and Leadership is responsible for assisting the Director, Student Development in ensuring the effective and efficient creation, management and execution of initiatives and activities which focuses on youth development which promotes positive values and character development. The specific areas of focus are leadership, community services, emotional wellness, diversity and inclusion initiatives, cultural activities and other initiatives which promote positive out of classroom experiences for students. This includes the championing and coordinating of the Orientation experience for new students.  The Manager will also oversee all aspect of the SHINE Award Programme from providing experiential opportunities to partnership formation with SHINE experiential opportunity providers. 


All initiatives planned and implemented are to support the overarching purpose and goal of the University. This also includes overseeing the continuous growth of student leaders, activities and events to develop their life skills. The Manager is to consistently ensure the campus is vibrant with a variety of activities promoting active participation and collaborating amongst students. 


He / She is to provide leadership and supervisory role to team members which include work load, development, training, problem solving and motivating staff to achieve peak productivity, performance and targets.



1.    Lead, inspire and motivate team members to achieve set departmental KPIs in support of the University’s  strategic priority

  • Provide leadership and coaching to team members by ensuring all deliverables are met with prescribed standards and quality.
  • Set department KPIs through collaboration with team members and ensure through supervision each team members understand their roles and responsibilities in  contributing towards the success of the department. 
  • Motivate team members to ensure they achieve their set KPIs and function effectively in providing students with the best support and experience.
  • Assist to review and evaluate the performance of team members in the exercise of their responsibilities to ensure coordinated staff effort in meeting the goals of the University. 
  • Prepare department’s budget and assist in maintaining and monitoring department’s expenditure and tracking of budget utilisation. 
  • Prepare periodic monthly and statistical reports for the purpose of monthly / quarterly progress report.  


2.    Structured developmental opportunities and programme for Student Leaders and Student Organisations 

  • Ensure through consistent engagement and coaching, all Student Leaders and Student Organisations in the University and College remains active in providing students with the opportunity to develop and employ life skills through signature events, student organisations events, university representation in key external events etc 
  • Coach and guide student leaders in student organisations to fulfil their roles, responsibilities and term through leadership developmental workshops, programme etc
  • Champions the experiential opportunities for the SHINE Award programme by ensuring students are connected with opportunities which can help them grow and develop. Consistently reach out and match experiential opportunities with the SHINE Award students. 
  • Be the official advisor for approved student organisations in the University and College, including providing and coordinating necessary support for organising the events and activities and ensure that relevant information regarding the SHINE Award Programme, the University policies, regulations and procedures related to organising and scheduling of student activities and events are provided.  
  • Assist student organisations in planning and coordinating various student activities, events and functions, including coordinating the event infrastructure, as appropriate.


3.    Create, develop and champion university wide student initiatives, events and activities which focuses on leadership, community services, emotional wellness, diversity and inclusion initiatives, cultural activities and other initiatives which promote positive out of classroom experiences

  • Plan, organise, coordinate and implement an adequate and frequent supply of student programmes, activities and events related to and not limited to the focus mentioned above.  
  • Assist students in planning and coordinating various student activities, events and functions, including coordinating the event infrastructure, as appropriate. 
  • Ensure all initiatives are effectively publicised and communicated to all stakeholders and community in the University and College. 
  • Prepare budget requirements for organizing and implementing students’ activities and events; regularly monitor the expenditures of these events and provide periodical reports to Management on efficiency and effectiveness of activities organised. 
  • Ensure, through supervision, that all activities organised adhere to established policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Work closely with the Advisors of all approved student organisations in the University, including providing and coordinating necessary support to ensure the student organisations’ success.


4.    Championing Orientation and Strengthening faculty engagement

  • Coordinate and work with University Orientation committee to ensure a seamless orientation experience for students and eventually a good First Month Experience. 
  • Explore and manage opportunities of collaboration with faculties in the area of student activities and proving support to faculties not limited to advisory, sponsorship network etc 
  • Consistently engage with Programme Directors / Head of Schools for the above mentioned. 


5.    Establish connection with external stakeholders, organisations etc for the purpose of adding value to student activities, events etc 

  • Constantly look out for partnership opportunities with organisations, NGOs and stakeholders who can add value in the development of student leaders and campus activities, events etc. 
  • Continuously foster ties with relevant youth leaders, profile speakers, industry partners and sponsor for branding and support of students’ activities and events.
  • Coordinate and liaise with external organisations interested to provide services and organise various promotions or events for the students in the University.


6.    Developing and maintain strategic network through effective stakeholders engagement 

  • Establishes contact with local / international Universities for the purpose of sharing best practices and exploring opportunities for cross collaborations   
  • Lead benchmarking on best practices and issues pertaining to youth development matters. To consistently apply best benchmarking practices for the purpose of continuous improvements.
  • To apply and join associations or network of bodies which share similar passion and interests for the purpose of adding value to the university.  Strategically position Taylor’s University as active and key contributor to these associations / bodies. 

7.    Student representation in external events, activities etc

  • Train, equip and prepare students for university representation and ensuring students know the importance of representing the university with good etiquette. 
  •  Ensure the consistent representation of students in support of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and other related governmental ministries, agencies etc events.  
  • Actively solicit student’s interest to participate in various external student development programmes and to provide the necessary guidance for them to realise their potential.
  • Providing the right coaching and training to students to excel in competitions and guidance to participate in national and international competitions such as debate, forum, symposiums or conferences. 


8.    Student Organisations administration

  • Ensure all Advisors and Student Organisations adhere to the compliance of the Taylor’s Student Organisations Policies and Manual. Update the Policy and Manual as and when there is a need. 
  • Maintain the up to date Student Organisations database inclusive of membership data ie EXCO, Committee Members, Members list etc and student activities and events which captures event participation, milestone etc.
  • Accountable in providing the necessary data and information required for SETARA, MyQuest, QS Ranking and other accreditation bodies which require student events and activities data. 
  • Communicate regularly to the University community about student organisations upcoming event, post event, milestone etc.
  • Ensure all platforms for communication are consistently used and updated ie Facebook, Wordpress etc


9.    Supporting Roles 

  • Support and assist the department and the organisation in any related University events as and when required. 
  • Work and maintain high customer service standards in all aspects of work
  • Undertake any other duties that may be assigned by the Associate Director, Student Development from time to time. 



  • Good and exemplary leadership
  • People management skills
  • Has a strong sense of life purpose and clear personal mission statement
  • Values driven and is principle centred 
  • Trustworthy and has a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Communication and persuasion skills - with customers, colleagues, business contacts in a courteous and professional manner
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Analytical skills and report writing skills
  • Planning, coordinating and organising skills
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Creative, resourceful, independent, pro-active and customer focused
  • Results oriented
  • Resourceful and pro-active 
  • A team player, cheerful, energetic and shows enthusiasm 


Minimum Qualification

  • Degree in Business Management / Psychology / Education or related discipline. 
  • Masters in the said Degree is also preferable
  • At least ten (10) years of working experience, preferably with a broad range of student development related functions in an educational institution.


Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

  • Passionate and committed in inspiring, motivating and coaching students towards living a life of positive well-being
  • Knowledge of multiple functional areas.
  • Ability to communicate values and beliefs about the University and its vision.
  • Ability to develop strategic plans and deliver against agreed milestones.
  • Good analytical, problem solving, interpersonal, networking and communication skills. 
  • Leadership, organizing, problem solving skills and project management skills.
  • High level understanding and commitment to issues related to student development.
  • Ability to motivate staff towards achieving strategic objectives and to manage a multi-disciplinary team and multi-focused work load.
  • Demonstrated commitment to a collaborative decision making model of management.


Competencies (Behavioural)

  • Has a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Evidence of successful leadership.
  • Ability to use own initiative as well as being able to work in a team.
  • Maintains confidentiality when necessary.
  • High personal and professional standards.
  • Has a strong sense of life purpose and clear personal mission statement
  • Values driven and is principle centred 
  • Trustworthy and has a strong sense of responsibility.

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