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Manager - Building Management

TEG Assets Sdn Bhd


Responsible for the building maintenance and services of work facilities for all properties & assets under TEG Assets Sdn Bhd to ensure that it meets the need of the organisation and stakeholders.




  1. Liaison with Tenants
    • To liaise regularly with Tenants (which include TEG subsidiaries and other non-group companies) on all building-related matters, in particular issues that affect their operations;
    • To attend to and resolve tenants’ complaints quickly, to reduce impacts to their operations;
    • To provide technical support in building-related matters to the tenants when required to do so;
    • To perform repair works related to structural of the building/assets;
    • To liaise regularly with Tenants’ FM teams to ensure that the building and its systems are operated efficiently and are well maintained;
    • To perform periodical inspections with Tenants as per the Tenancy Agreement;
    • Keep track and monitor all Tenant’s service records through Tenant’s Corner;
    • Inspect and liaise with Tenants on their service requests to determine whether the service request is within Landlord’s scope;



  1. Asset Monitoring
    • To monitor the health of the buildings/properties owned or operated by TEG;
    • To carry out regular inspections on cleanliness, plant & equipment operations, etc. to ensure efficient operations;
    • To conduct regular assessments on the building and plant & equipment to establish repairs and improvements required;
    • To liaise with regulatory bodies where necessary for licensing, permits and statutory compliances;
    • To ensure compliances of building by-laws and regulatory requirements;


  1. Vacant Properties Management
    • To make sure all vacant properties to be adequately protected from intrusion by trespassers and deterioration by the weather
    • To manage & make all repairs and doing whatever else is “reasonably” necessary to keep all vacant property in lettable and sellable condition;
    • To review the statutory requirement for all vacant properties are acceptable for compliance;
    • To plan, manage and execute preventive maintenance program for critical equipment at vacant properties to allow the equipment operates at full life cycle;


  1. Tenant Move-In / Move-Out Management
    • To prepare properties for new tenant move-in as per agreed condition in Tenancy Agreement, by performing repairs, servicing, recommissioning statutory equipment, building structure check, etc. to ensure smooth property handover process;
    • To prepare & perform property inspection for tenant move-in & tenant move-out, to ensure building condition is recorded properly during property handover process;
    • To liaise with regulatory bodies where necessary for licensing, permits and statutory compliances for property plan for handover to a new tenant;


  1. Planning & Budgeting for Opex & Capex
    • To plan annual properties maintenance and repair works, and work out or obtain costs estimates for these;
    • To submit plans for annual properties preventive maintenance program to management for approval;
    • To prepare annual budgets for the maintenance, upkeep, repairs of the properties;
    • To report on expenditure against budget, so that ad hoc call for funds is reduced;
    • To review current vendors quality for cost effectiveness and efficiency;


  1. Record-keeping
    • Maintain records of buildings, including statutory approvals, as-built drawings and O & M manuals for all TEG properties;
    • Maintain records of all building assessments carried out;
    • Maintain records of upgrading, repairs and improvements carried out, including costs and time.


  1. Efficient Management of Electrical Energy
    • To set up systematic energy cost management to achieve energy cost saving for TEG Assets Sdn Bhd;
    • To define and submit energy management policy to management for approval;
    • To plan & organise energy management activity that will work towards energy savings results;
    • To plan & execute an energy audit for high energy consumption properties owned by TEG Assets;
    • To plan, execute, control & monitor energy conservation measures for high energy consumption properties owned by TEG Assets;


  1. Others
    • Carry out continuous improvements to the FM operations at the premises,
    • Take on other duties related to the above KRAs/Responsibilities, as assigned from time-to-time by the Senior Manager, Building Services & FM or the management.
    • Prepare monthly reports to Management





  1. Fully understand the statutory requirements for the premises.


  1. Knowledge of the Uniform Building By-laws and statutory procedures for compliance with local authorities’ requirements.


  1. Competency in Facilities Management processes & procedures.


  1. Be well-versed with the building components, including the Building (M & E) services.


  1. Be well-versed with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement related to the Landlord’s responsibilities.


  1. Working knowledge of the CMMS used by TEG Assets.



  1. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  2. Good attention to detail.
  3. Strong analytical and troubleshooting capabilities.
  4. Proficient in report writing and presentations.



  1. Diligent, with a strong sense of responsibility.
  2. Upholds organisational values.
  3. Highly organised person

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