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Executive - Postgraduate Student Administration

Taylor's University Sdn Bhd


  • Admission

    • Administer admission of applicants by supporting enrolment activities

  • Candidature Management

    • Provide support in the administration of the entire life-cycle of HDR students from enrolment to completion.

    • Organise Induction programs (orientation) for HDR students.

    • Administer variations to candidature (including program leave, suspensions, coursework requirements, and change in attendance from full-time to part-time or vice versa, change to remote status, withdrawal, supervision changes, visa extensions and so on).

    • Act as the initial point of contact for the Postgraduate Programme Director (PD) of the faculties

  • Examination

    • Coordinate final examination of research modules (if there is any) with exam unit.

    • Ensure examination components (proposal, conversion from masters to PhD and thesis) are submitted at the expected standards.

    • Administer examiners' nominations and approvals

    • Administer examinations related to the proposal, conversion from master's to PhD, thesis completion seminar and final thesis as per the policies.

  • Working Relationships and Service Provision

    • Build and manage effective working relationships with candidates, staff and external stakeholders such as examiners and external supervisors.

    • Ensure a high standard of service in administering admissions, scholarship, and candidature through to examination.

    • Deliver high quality and responsive service to all HDR candidates and supervisors

    • Maintain a high level of interpersonal communication excellence and apply ethical and quality standards in managing all candidature activities.

    • Engender trust, provide effective team spirit

  • Student Data Management and Reporting

    • Ensure data related to students are kept up-to-date with regular reporting, MyRA, Setara and other audit purposes.

  • Other Duties

    • Execute assigned responsibilities relating to CHDR projects and initiatives

    • Manage timeline/deadline and smooth execution of projects

    • Execute organisation of events for HDR students, including forums, signing ceremonies, industry-sponsored events and so on

    • Other duties as required and appropriate to this position.



Preferably Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent.



One or more of the below practical experiences and exposure to specific environments is desirable:

• Working in an HDR management environment

• Managing projects

• Working with complex databases such as student management systems

• Working in student administration, especially with HDR candidates



  • Implementing Systems: Adopting a systematic and organised approach and developing and utilising guidelines and procedures.

  • Tracking Performance: Taking nothing for granted and persistently monitoring the progress of activities to ensure they are completed on time.

  • Delivering Outcomes: Holding high expectations for and pushing self and others to achieve at high levels.

  • Quality Focus: Ensuring accuracy and quality when completing tasks

  • Communication: Effectively grasping and conveying ideas and concepts to others.

  • Teamwork: Working in collaboration with others to achieve shared goals.

  • Tech-savvy: Working with complex databases such as student management systems or equivalent thereof



  • Flexibility: Responding effectively to unexpected or changing circumstances.

  • Assertiveness: Being willing to express ideas and opinions and justify these when questioned openly.

  • Interpersonal Impact: Making a positive impression on others in a range of interpersonal contexts.

  • Resilience: Dealing effectively with and recovering quickly from setbacks or pressure.

  • Accountability: Assuming responsibility for making decisions and delivering agreed outcomes.

  • Integrity: Maintaining confidentiality, discretion and professionalism

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