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Nexus International School (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Links to: Senior Leadership Team



Nexus is an empowering, learning-focused community. We strive to create an honest, open and innovative community with our learners, parents and peers. We believe that we have something unique and special here, we are proud to be different in the way we work; and how we teach and learn.



At Nexus, we do things differently.  Each member of staff is valued and recognised as a unique individual collaborating as part of a supportive community, to elevate one another with innovative ideas. Our strategies emerge from the collective positive mindsets of our colleagues.  You will experience high levels of ownership and empowerment in your role. 



A Counsellor and/or Psychologist is an informed and reflective practitioner who provides leadership and shares expertise in promoting positive relationships and physical and mental wellbeing across the school community. They are responsible for promoting awareness of and respect for diversity and advocating for those who are disempowered or disengaged. They have a key role to play in the safeguarding of learners. 



  • Offering leadership and sharing expertise in promoting positive relationships and physical and mental wellbeing across the school community 
  • Promoting awareness of and respect for diversity and advocating for those who are disempowered
  • Leading on safeguarding 
  • Supporting learners, teachers and parents who are the ‘clients’ and fostering conditions in which a client can grow and develop as a person
  • Helping clients to explore their difficulties and concerns, and to develop their capabilities and resilience
  • Providing clients with access to appropriate support 
  • Collaborating with other staff members including the learning support team, guardian coordinator and leadership team to best support the clients and the school
  • Lead and support pastoral care and personal development programmes that support school priorities and design and deliver appropriate workshops for staff, parents and learners
  • Attend year group, subject and team meetings to facilitate discussion around learners 
  • Creating and maintaining documents and accurate and confidential records as appropriate and as part of the wider ‘Supporting Learners Team’
  • Involvement in whole school events and Extra Curricular Activities to enhance the school experience for learners and being available at lunch and snack times to support learners
  • Undertaking regular supervision
  • Contributing to the development of policies, practices and procedures in relation to guidance activities



No two days are the same in this exciting diverse role. I am in school today at 7:30am to prepare for an 8am parent meeting. This is to review progress and collaborate around next steps to help the learner socially and emotionally. These meetings with parents are always powerful as they strengthen the home-school partnership. Next up is counselling with some self-referred senior learners to help manage their stress and anxiety. A phase leader meeting follows, which involves facilitating discussions around a number of learners. After this I have several drop ins with teachers and phase leaders to consult about learners of concern and I provide them with strategies to trial. This is followed by an early lunch in the staff room which is vital for rapport building with staff and being visible in the school. Lunchtime, I am available for counselling learners who need to drop in during their break. After lunch, is our weekly Support Services team meeting to review learners and discuss concerns and interventions. Usually in the afternoon I have some scheduled primary learners for counselling or secondary self referred learner sessions. Weekly I have a CCA (co-curricular activity) after school called the Support 65 mentoring program. This is where I am training up ten older learners in basic active listening and restorative skills to assist with mentoring younger Secondary and Primary learners.



  • A relevant degree and counselling qualification(s)
  • Establish and maintain strong and effective relationships with colleagues, learners and parents
  • Evidence of continued relevant professional development
  • Experience in working with learners and adults with diverse needs and backgrounds
  • Experience in an international school environment
  • Practical understanding of effective counselling methodologies and pedagogy
  • Theoretical knowledge and understanding of a range of effective counselling theories and strategies
  • Understanding and knowledge of principles and practice of inclusion and restorative justice
  • Having a working knowledge of counsellors’ and teachers' professional duties and legal liabilities
  • A demonstrated and genuine liking and appreciation of children
  • A motivated individual with high standards and expectations
  • Leadership in whole school programmes and initiatives
  • Resilient, flexible, adaptable and sensitive to the needs of others
  • Communicate effectively in Standard English both orally and in writing
  • Active listener
  • A sense of humour and ability to positively engage and influence others
  • Setting a good example through presentation and personal and professional conduct.


Nexus International School (Singapore) is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our children and families. Nexus endorses the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Singapore ratified on 11 December 2008, and establishes a clear policy and guidelines to protect our learners from maltreatment by any person or persons who come in contact with them in any environment.


Nexus International School (Singapore) is an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and value the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our school.


Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities, the role may be revised from time to time.

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