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Taylor's Hostel Management Sdn Bhd



The Security Guard Supervisor (Corporal) is designated to monitor & record daily activity within U-Residence to ensure the property, assets and residence is well protected from any peril predictable. Security Guard Supervisor will be stationing at Security Surveillance Room.




Access Control

  • Monitor daily access to U-Residence and Ruemz where only resident and staff allow to entry/exit the premise.
  • Ensure resident using proper authorized access (access card) prior to entry/exit and record all entry/exit by resident without access.
  • Ensure all non-resident and non-staff entry/exit is recorded in proper documentation with proper approved permit issued by authorized body i.e. Landlord or THM, prior to entrance.
  • Record all trespassing case through entrance or any other access mean.


Surveillance Camera Monitoring

  • Monitor all CCTV activities and instruct Security Guard (Security Office – SO) to inspect any suspicious movement and record outcome in proper documentation.
  • Assist Housemaster or Authorized Personnel to track old record for investigation or review purposes.
  • Provide report on CCTV condition in proper documentation.

Report Collection

  • Monitor and authorize Guard Tour (Clocking) report by Security Officer.
  • Inspect all report completed by Security Officer to ensure the content is absolute and understandable.
  • Compile all report for Chief Housemaster review weekly and monthly.

Communication & Authorization

  • Authorized to communicate and explain to resident and non-resident regarding security condition.
  • Authorized to enforcing Taylor’s Hostel Management House Rules prior to escalate it to Housemaster for further investigation.
  • Authorized to demand permit or Authorization Letter prior allowing resident to entry/exit.


  • Supervise Security Officer activities, attendance, break and movement.
  • Supervise non-resident activities if require.
  • Supervise property, assets and resident security.


  • Monitor usage of U-Lounge & THM Office facilities in proper documentation.
  • Supervise THM Office and U-Lounge Opening & Closing activities to lock necessary access after the office hour (for THM Office) and scheduled period (for U-Lounge).
  • Report all defect occurring to assets under-care to Chief Housemaster for rectification.
  • Keeper for a set of First Aid Kits.
  • To provide support for any request by Taylor’s Hostel Management Representative regarding security activities.




  • SPM or relevant qualification



  • Possess good writing and communication in English and Malay.
  • Provide support and teamwork to Housemaster if required.
  • Must understand in full of Taylor’s Hostel Management House Rules.

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