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Posted on:  21-Jul-2022
Job Req ID:  1517
Division:  Higher Education (HE)
Department:  Security & Risk (40000899)

The purpose of the Auxiliary Police shall be to cooperate with the Police Department of Subang Jaya, under the orders and direction of the OCPD and/or his subordinates, in any and all activities where the Auxiliary is activated, and shall assist in maintaining order within the jurisdiction of Taylor’s University, and shall carry out any lawful order issued to them by a member of the Subang Jaya Police Department, with respect of the chain of command on said department.

To assist the Corporal of Auxiliary Police department in coordinating and managing Auxiliary Police Team and all the activities related to security for Taylor’s University.

• To provide a safe and secure environment for guests, visitors, staff and students at the campus whilst at all times maintaining a professional approach
• To protect the assets and interests of the university, its students and staff, allowing operating to be effectively and safely carried out at all times
• Carrying out the safety and security responsibilities as directed
• Reporting emergencies to the Senior Officers and promptly taking the necessary actions during any emergencies, incidences, criminal activities, pickets, riots, sabotages and civil threats etc
• Patrolling the designated routes/locations or such other routes determined from time to time
• Directing smooth flow of traffic during peak hours and emergencies as well as dealing with errant motorist and illegal parkers
• Immediately reporting to Senior Officers of any mechanical & electrical faults or damage as well as leaking water pipes, gas leaks, lift malfunctions (where applicable), fire, etc.
• Conducting surveillance through CCTV to spot any criminal acts, accidents and/or potential mishaps and taking the necessary actions as per the Police Act
• Monitoring, recording and reporting to Senior Officers on construction and vicinity maintenance/upgrade works i.e. working hours and nature of work, noise level etc.
• To provide support in all security related matters.
• Direct traffic.
• Patrol an assigned sector of the district on foot or by conveyance as assigned.
• Report conditions of streets, signs, curbs, sidewalks, obstructions of signs, signals or vision.
• Take appropriate action on matters affecting public safety.
• Employ problem-solving strategies and behaviors.
• Provide assistance to meet the needs of the community.
• Represent the Department at various public functions as assigned.
• Assist co-workers in their duties, particularly during absences.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
• Standing for long durations of time attending a stationary post controlling entrance and egress to highly secured areas greeting visitors and determining if access is authorized or denied.
• Performing intermittent planned or unplanned rounds to ensure physical security of protected and restricted areas times without a break.


• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing (Bahasa Malaysia and English)
• Proficiency in the use and maintenance of Department equipment applicable to the position.
• Understand and apply Department rules, regulations, policies, directives, procedures and job descriptions applicable to the position.
• Know the geography of the community.
• Interact courteously with all levels of supervision.

• Candidates must enjoy and actively participate in all aspects of security operations, be good in physical condition and be able to deal with various end users.
• Adept at problem resolution.
• Able to work during weekends and Public Holiday.
• Pro-active and result oriented.

• Must possess a valid driver’s license without restrictions or with correctable restrictions.
• Able to work cooperatively and harmoniously with others.
• Free from physical, emotional or mental conditions which might adversely affect performance of duties as an auxiliary police officer. Must be physically capable of performing duties to include, but not limited to, delivery of first aid, operating police vehicles (if any) and communicating effectively orally and in writing.
• No felony convictions, unless fully pardoned

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