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Classroom Assistant (Bilingual & Multilingual Language)

Posted on:  24-Jun-2022
Job Req ID:  1364
Division:  School (SCH)
Department:  Primary CA (40000907)


Links to: BML Learning Area Leader of Primary School, Deputy Head of Primary School and Head of Primary School



Nexus is an empowering, learning-focused community. We strive to create an honest, open and innovative community with our learners, parents and peers. We believe that we have something unique and special here, we are proud to be different in the way we work; and how we teach and learn.



At Nexus, we do things differently. Each member of staff is valued and recognised as a unique individual collaborating as part of a supportive community, to elevate one another with innovative ideas. Our strategies emerge from the collective positive mindsets of our colleagues.  You will experience high levels of ownership and empowerment in your role. 



Under the guidance of the Bilingual & Multilingual Language (BML) teacher, the BML classroom assistant will facilitate the English language learning and development of individuals or groups of learners. The job holder is also responsible for maintaining an engaging and purposeful learning environment, ensuring the smooth running of the class and carrying out appropriate administrative tasks. 



  • Support the BML teachers to maintain a safe, healthy and stimulating learning environment 

  • Support the personal and social development of learners

  • Help learners to learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on their own, by assisting through:

    • Clarifying and explaining instructions and provide written and verbal feedback 

    • Ensuring the learners are able to use the equipment and materials provided

    • Assisting in motivating and encouraging the learners as required

    • Contributing to areas requiring reinforcement or development, such as language development and positive engagement

    • Promoting independent learning

  • Assume responsibility for supervising groups of children, or individual children on specified activities, including learning tasks, library activities, CCAs, school trips and use of IT

  • Provide continuity of adult care of learners, for example, supervising daily playtimes, transition times between classes and at the start/end of the day, support in specialist classes, as well as toileting 

  • Liaise with the School Nurse for administration of first aid/medicine where necessary

  • Assist with basic record-keeping, including collecting evidence of learning on individual learners, such as taking photographs and making observations

  • Assist in the efficient preparation, maintenance and use of classroom teaching materials and equipment, including organising the use of AV and IT equipment, photocopying and laminating

  • Attend staff meetings, participate in performance management arrangements and undertake training and development activities

  • Be willing to attend and become involved in any professional development opportunities, and adopt an attitude of professional reflection and continuous improvement




​​​​​​​No two days are the same in this exciting diverse role. I meet with the BML team just before 8am and spend time with the teachers that I will be working with that day talking about the plans and setting up the learning engagements. Our first class is Year 1 BML and starts at 8.20am. While the teacher is welcoming the learners, I am setting up some of the activities or helping learners to settle to classroom routines. The learners are rotating through English vocabulary building and phonics activities and today I am leading a small group of children. I will make some brief notes on their progress to share with the teacher. I am responsible for transitioning the class back to their homeroom and then I meet the BML teacher in a different classroom where we will have a Year 3 class. First, I need to collect the iPads the teacher requires for this session and help the learners log in to their accounts. I will stay with the learners during this session to support them in completing their science experiment writing that supports their mainstream UOI (Unit of Inquiry) learning. I am on duty today, so after this lesson I will be supervising the Year 5 learners in the cafeteria and once they have finished I will supervise them on the play equipment. After snack time, I will have a quick break before the next timetabled BML class. For this lesson I am with the Nursery and Kindergarten learners. We are learning about shapes and after settling learners and joining in with some action songs, I take a small group of learners out into the playground to hunt for objects of different shapes.  I say the different names of shapes and encourage learners to communicate orally by doing the same. I accompany the learners back to their homeroom classes then photocopy and laminate some resources ready for lessons later in the week. It’s time for the Year 6 BML class so I need to go to a different part of the school. The teacher has asked me to work with some new learners. Today we are exploring measurement, so I am working with groups on practical measuring activities around the Learning Hub. We are using iPads to record our findings. Using an iPad is new for some learners so I take time to show them how to do this and the key vocabulary needed. I have lunch with colleagues from across the school in the staff lounge. I am assisting in the Year 2 homeroom after lunch so go to the Learning Hub so the homeroom teacher can brief me on the UOI activity that I will be supporting the BML learners with. Today they are exploring forces, so there is a range of activities for the children to explore. I move around the activities with my group, identifying key vocabulary and making connections between the BML language acquisition classes and the homeroom learning. At the end of the day the BML teachers and I will spend time reflecting and then adjusting/preparing the lesson resources for tomorrow. I took a few photographs of the learners in Year 1 today, so I will post them onto our online learning platform for the parents to see. Tomorrow after school I help lead a small cookery club. We will be making fruit smoothies. 



  • Minimum high school (12 years of schooling) qualification

  • A relevant higher level qualification is desirable

  • At least two (2) years of relevant working experience 

  • An ESOL/EAL or language teaching qualification is an advantage

  • A demonstrated and genuine passion for education and a desire to facilitate children’s learning, with particular emphasis on English language learning

  • Possess strong IT skills and knowledge, for example Apple devices and Google applications

  • Communicate effectively in Standard English both orally and in writing

  • Establish and maintain positive learning-focused relationships with colleagues, learners and parents

  • To manage the physical demands of the role (eg: able to lift/carry a child weighing up to 25kg; routinely sitting on child sized chairs, kneeling, bending and crouching)

  • High standards and expectations for themselves and the learners

  • Understanding and knowledge of principles and practice of inclusion and restorative justice 

  • Resilient and flexible - no two days are the same!

Nexus International School (Singapore) is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our children and families. Nexus endorses the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Singapore ratified on 11 December 2008, and establishes a clear policy and guidelines to protect our learners from maltreatment by any person or persons who come in contact with them in any environment.


Nexus International School (Singapore) is an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and value the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our school.


Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities, the role may be revised from time to time.

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