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Class Teacher

Posted on:  10-May-2022
Job Req ID:  1381
Division:  School (SCH)
Department:  Primary Teacher (40000780)


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Nexus is an empowering, learning-focused community. We strive to create an honest, open and innovative community with our learners, parents and peers. We believe that we have something unique and special here, we are proud to be different in the way we work; and how we teach and learn.



At Nexus, we do things differently. Each member of staff is valued and recognised as a unique individual collaborating as part of a supportive community, to elevate one another with innovative ideas. Our strategies emerge from the collective positive mindsets of our colleagues.  You will experience high levels of ownership and empowerment in your role.



A PYP Class teacher is an informed and reflective practitioner who uses inquiry-based teaching strategies to create positive and inclusive learning environments that motivate and challenge all children to become self-regulated learners who are empowered to take action. A PYP Homeroom teacher is responsible for the wellbeing of learners and will plan and teach collaboratively with his or her team to provide a transdisciplinary approach to learning. 



Employing effective and innovative pedagogy that enables learners to become successful and self-regulated learners who achieve personal excellence by:

  • Building learning-focused relationships

  • Empowering children to become independent learners and take action based on their learning 

  • Being clear about what is to be learnt and what success looks like

  • Engaging children in the co-construction of their learning

  • Using appropriate formative and summative assessment tools to plan progression

  • Providing high quality scaffolding and feedback to learners

  • Encouraging children to reflect on and assess their progression

  • Involving parents in their children’s learning through learning conferences and regular parent – teacher dialogue

  • Employing and integrating digital technologies as a tool that enhances children’s learning and assists learners to solve authentic problems and issues.

  • Involvement in whole school events and activities as required.


I start my day at 7.30am, I work with my team to set up our learning space for the day. At 8am, our classroom assistants join us and we take 10 minutes to look through the primary school daily announcements, talk through the day and reflect on the planned learning outcomes for the children. The learners start to enter our learning space at 8.05am and I may have a quick informal conversation with a parent. 


I start my time with the learners sharing what our day looks like. I'm always looking for opportunities to make strong connections with every learner and build those important learning-focused relationships. Through the morning I spend time talking and finding out about our Unit of Inquiry with the learners and working with small focus groups for Maths and Language Arts. Today, the learners go to two specialist lessons, Visual Arts and HPE. As a team, we use this time for planning our next Unit of Inquiry.


At lunchtime I have a duty in the cafeteria and spend time talking to the learners about their morning before we move to the play spaces. We always start the afternoon with a focus on wellbeing, today we are focusing on using breathing to help us to calm our minds and bodies. This afternoon we have Inquiry Time, children are exploring their own lines of inquiry based on our current unit. 

The teaching day finishes at 3.25pm and today I am running an after-school activity, Lego Robotics as this is a passion of mine! After I return the learners to the cafeteria to be picked up, I head back to my learning area to complete some marking and check my emails. I am looking forward to our forthcoming trip to the Science Centre where the learners will explore forces as part of their Unit of Inquiry.



  • A relevant degree plus teaching qualification (or equivalent)

  • Higher degree or recognised professional qualification (preferred)

  • Relevant PYP curriculum experience

  • Evidence of continued relevant professional development

  • Experience working with bilingual and multilingual learners and learners with diverse needs 

  • Experience in an international school environment (preferred)

Nexus International School (Singapore) is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our children and families. Nexus endorses the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Singapore ratified on 11 December 2008, and establishes a clear policy and guidelines to protect our learners from maltreatment by any person or persons who come in contact with them in any environment.


Nexus International School (Singapore) is an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and value the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our school.


Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities, the role may be revised from time to time.

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