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Academic Officer

Nexus International School (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Links to: Senior Leadership Team



Nexus is an empowering, learning-focused community.  We are one big family, striving to create an honest and open community with our learners, parents and peers.  We believe that we have something unique and special here, we are proud to be different in the way we work; and how we teach and learn.



At Nexus, we do things differently.  Each member of staff is valued and recognised as a unique individual collaborating as part of a supportive community, to elevate one another with innovative ideas.  Our strategies emerge from the collective positive mindsets of our colleagues. You will experience high levels of ownership and empowerment in your role.



Working alongside the Heads of School and the Head of Operations, the Academic Officer will coordinate all internal and external examinations including the IGCSEs and the IB Diploma. They will also coordinate the CAT4 baseline testing across the school. They will complete analysis of the examinations to track progress. They will write the school timetable, supported with information provided by the Head of Operations.  This role would suit someone who is extremely organised, able to plan, analyse data and learn systems to support the writing of the timetable. A solutions focus is required alongside the ability to work with colleagues across the school.




  • Ensure accurate and timely completion of all examination related administrative tasks 

  • Liaise with teachers, parents and learners to ensure accuracy of examination entries.

  • Prepare examination timetables as required and train invigilators

  • Identify any clashes and organise supervision arrangements as per examination board requirements

  • Administer applications for exam access arrangements 

  • Ensure all examination information, timetables and procedures are published on the school website 

  • Communicate with learners and parents clarifying how results will be distributed and accessed after the examination series

  • Communicate with learners and parents regarding re-marks and re-sits 

  • Liaise with Learning Area Leaders and coordinators to ensure the timely upload of all coursework components to IBIS and other relevant platforms

  • Be available on IBDP and IGCSE results days to download and share results with key stakeholders

  • Prepare information for billing and finance regarding examination fees and re-marks if necessary.

  • Advise the financial department regarding the scale of exam fees and billing.

  • Administer GL and other benchmark tests and facilitate the distribution of this data.

  • Administer any other external examinations or tests as required

  • Ensure the validity of the CAT4 data and liaise with the IT department to ensure all learners have the appropriate benchmark data for reporting and tracking

  • Work with IT to create & publish bespoke data analysis tools/data dashboards/live views of learner progress and school organizational data for use by teachers and the senior leadership team 

  • Work with the Head of Secondary in coordinating the subject options process for learners entering Year 10 and Year 12

  • Manage the  subject options process in ensuring appropriate class sizes

  • Ensure subject options facilitate subsequent learning pathways

  • Collaborate and create the academic year school timetable using data from different stakeholders to ensure staff are deployed fairly and accurately

  • Communicate timetable plans in a timely manner to all stakeholders and ensure this is shared accurately with IT to support the smooth running of the school

  • Use data from admissions and operations to model, communicate and anticipate changes in timetable

  • Notify the Principal & Head of Operations of recruitment requirements for subsequent academic years pertaining to an effective timetable 

  • Involvement in whole school events and activities as required.

  • To perform any other duties as assigned by the management, stakeholders and reporting manager/link



My working day starts at 8am, although I arrive earlier today as we are in the middle of IB Diploma examinations and I need to ensure that the papers are ready and that the room is set up correctly before the learners arrive. I ensure the invigilators are clear about what they need to do and am there to support them as needed. Following the exam I speak to the Head of Secondary to let them know that everyone was present and that it went smoothly. After a break with colleagues, I head to see the Head of Operations as some requests have come in from Learning Area Leaders about preferences in the timetable and I need to check I understand what the options are before I can find solutions using the timetabling software. After my lunch in the staff hub, I work on possible solutions and share these and agree on the most effective solution which I then apply to the timetable. I then attend a Zoom meeting with CAIE to ensure our centre complies with best examination practice. 



  • High level of competence in ICT

  • Ability to effectively model complex models wung spreadsheet software

  • Ability to use data visualization tools e.g Power BI

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Attention to detail to ensure high level of accuracy

  • Excellent written and spoken English

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality

  • Maintain a positive mindset during busy or stressful situations

Nexus International School (Singapore) is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our children and families. Nexus endorses the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which Singapore ratified on 11 December 2008, and establishes a clear policy and guidelines to protect our learners from maltreatment by any person or persons who come in contact with them in any environment.


Nexus International School (Singapore) is an equal opportunity employer. We respect and seek to empower each individual and value the diverse cultures, perspectives, skills and experiences within our school.


Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities, the role may be revised from time to time.

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